Giving Opportunities at Goizueta Business School

Erika James, Dean, Goizueta Business School

Erika James
Dean, Goizueta Business School

Business plays a vital role in solving society’s problems. This has been true for generations—from early instances of trade to today’s complex and connected international economies.

By answering the call for the next out-of-the-box, thought-provoking, table-turning solution, we remind the world of the interconnectivity of business and society, of industry and intellect, of new ventures and social good. For nearly 100 years, Goizueta Business School has espoused the power of principled leadership. Our history includes an ethos of ethics and lifelong learning.

This is how we impact business. But we can do more.

I commit the school to continuing this mission while also leveraging the knowledge base and bold spirit of Emory University. We will focus this energy through strategic themes that intersect with our scholarship, expertise, and the needs of business today.

As a new academic year begins at Goizueta, we look to alumni, parents, and friends to invest in the school and its future with an annual gift. We have only begun to see what is possible when we leverage our past success with our future ambitions, and I hope you will join us in increasing our resources, influence, and collaboration in the business world.

Erika James
Dean, Goizueta Business School

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