Giving Opportunities at the Center for Ethics


Paul Root Wolpe
Director, Emory Center for Ethics

Whether the questions are about how to conduct business, the use of embryonic stem cells, or our environmental challenges, ethics has become a central focus of our national conversation. The Emory Center for Ethics is a prominent voice in that conversation, a leading resource for ethics scholarship, education, and policy nationwide.

As director of the center, it is my privilege to help create programs that challenge students with ethical questions in the arts, science, technology, business, and civic and religious life. Sustaining and growing this vital educational programming is critical for the futures of today’s students as they grapple with the thorny ethical challenges of our times. Your financial contribution to the Center for Ethics will allow us to continue to promote the center’s most important objective—to create the next generation of ethical community and political leaders.

•  The Ethics and Servant Leadership Program connects Emory students directly to non-profits. EASL needs your support to continue to teach our students critical values in social leadership. Summer internship stipends are $4,000 per student.

•  The Master of Arts in Bioethics degree is growing. Scholarships are needed to facilitate both mid-career professionals and dual degree students who are immersing themselves in this field. Scholarships can range from $500 to $3,000.

•  The Ethics of Healthcare Program provides vital ethics training to Emory medical students, residents, and interns. Gifts of $25 to $5,000 will help us continue to develop this innovative program that is a model for medical ethics education nationwide.

•  The Ethics and the Arts Initiative, unique in the country, partners with premier arts organizations in the region to explore ethics through theater, visual arts, and music. Gifts of $50 to $10,000 will help bring the program to underserved communities and promote it as a national model in ethics and the arts.

I invite and encourage you to contribute to our mission of igniting the moral imagination of 21st century leaders. Your gift to The Center for Ethics is an important part of your legacy to Emory University.  

Gratefully yours,

Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D.
Director, Emory Center for Ethics

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