Meet the Callers

I chose Emory because: The school environment is gorgeous, and I felt like I really could belong here.
Favorite campus spot: Kaldi's Coffee
Beloved campus tradition: First Fridays – monthly performances where Emory’s a cappella groups showcase their musical talents.
Best Emory memory: Going to the DJ R3hab concert with friends on McDonough Field at Emory’s 2016 Homecoming concert.
Favorite part of working at Telefund: Listening to the different experiences of alumni and meeting talented people at work.

Student Caller 5
Betty Zhang 20C
Major: International Studies (Pre-Business)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Student Caller 4Kireon Bunkley-Hill 17C
Major: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology with an Applied Mathematics Minor
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

I chose Emory because: Emory is a world renowned institution in addressing problems in our biggest areas of question – human health, medicine, and discovery. To move mountains, why not go where mountains are moving almost daily?
Beloved campus tradition: SongFest – the annual competition held during Orientation where first-year students sing and dance to represent their residence hall community.
Favorite part of working at Telefund: Gaining the wisdom of such a rich family of alumni! I've heard stories about wars, job changes, pursuing passions, and even building a family while balancing a medical career, and it never gets old or predictable. Every day is a new opportunity to meet and learn from someone else how Emory has shaped lives for over 150 years!

Favorite campus spot: The first south study lounge in Longstreet Means is my favorite campus spot because my friends and hall-mates often gather there to study or hold music jams!
Beloved campus tradition: The Coke Toast – I still have my Coke can.
Best Emory memory: It was fun singing in my first open mic at Kaldi's at the Depot with all my friends supporting me.
Favorite part of working at Telefund:Talking to alumni is really fun because I often learn a lot from the personal experiences that they share with me. The work atmosphere is always buzzing with positive energy full of diverse and talented people excited to raise money for Emory!

Student Caller 3Joe Chen 20C
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Aurora, CO 

Student Caller 2Dominique A. Marmeno 19C
Major: Anthropology and Human Biology
Hometown: Ridgeland, SC

I chose Emory because: I wanted a diverse community that was built upon the importance of knowledge that also fostered an involved and diverse campus life.
Favorite campus spot: The top floor of the Rollins building, overlooking all of Emory’s campus, or if you go to the other side you get to look over Clifton Road and Buckhead.
Beloved campus tradition: Dooley – every time I see him I get way too excited!
Favorite part of working at Telefund: Hearing the stories of all of the alumni who have walked where I am walking and who have successfully built their lives on what Emory has provided for them. I love hearing their stories and being able to relate to them.

I chose Emory because: It has an incredibly inclusive environment and offers need-based scholarships.
Favorite campus spot: "The Shire" – a quiet wooded area under the bridge behind the Carlos Museum.
Beloved campus tradition: Dooley's Week!
Best Emory memory: It snowed my freshman year, so my friends and I all went to Lullwater and watched people sled down the hills on DUC trays.
Favorite part of working at Telefund: I love speaking with the really passionate alumni who want to know everything that's going on here! That's definitely going to be me after I graduate!

Student Caller 1Amanda Kelly 17C
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Monticello, GA

Student Caller 4Linga Ndambasha 20C
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Casa Grande, AZ

I chose Emory because: I was looking for an adventure in a big city with a great school, and Emory hit the mark with its beautiful campus, fun surrounding area, and prestigious course selection.
Favorite campus spot: As of right now, I love my dorm (I know it’s kind of cliché) because it the closest thing to “home” that I have access to here on campus.
Beloved campus tradition: I love the farmers market they have every Tuesday! I always find great food and snacks, and I get to interact with local businesses in Atlanta.
Best Emory memory: I loved orientation week because it was such a fun and welcoming time, and it was awesome getting to meet so many people from all over the world.
Favorite part of working at Telefund: I enjoy speaking to alumni in general, but specifically I love to ask alumni for advice about surviving college and being successful! I think it will help me to become a better student at Emory in the long run.