Wise Heart Society

The wise heart seeks knowledge.

This sentiment—the translation of Emory’s motto Cor Prudentis Possidebit Scientiam—informs our core missions of education, discovery, health care, and public service. Acknowledging that our accomplishments would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, Emory has named our new leadership annual giving society the Wise Heart Society.

Leaders take action, create change, and inspire others. Members of the Wise Heart Society take the lead among Emory’s most influential annual supporters with their generous gifts. Regardless of where donors choose to dedicate their leadership-level gifts at Emory, this support provides crucial resources that can change lives and is a vital part of what is being achieved at Emory every day.

Leadership annual giving at Emory is recognized annually at the following levels:

WHS Giving Levels

Wise Heart Society membership is calculated based on Emory’s fiscal year, which runs from September 1 to August 31. Corporate matching gifts count toward society membership if received before the end of the fiscal year. To find out if you qualify for a matching gift program, visit matchinggifts.com/emory.