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Oxford College has become the institution we know today through the generosity of those who love it. Because alumni benefit daily from their Oxford educations and the friends they made here, they support the education of successive classes of students through annual giving. In addition, parents and friends who believe in Oxford have helped shape its growth through leadership-level annual gifts.

The new science building is complete because of the generosity of Oxford’s alumni, parents, and friends. The Oxford College Organic Farm is the direct result of alumni gifts, and the restoration of Williams Gym benefitted from annual giving.

Perhaps the most lasting effect of leadership-level annual support has been on scholarships. Oxford has been able to continue our generous program of merit and needbased aid only because of donor support. While long-term consequences of the economic downturn continue to make it difficult for middle-income families to support their students’ education, our country needs well-educated college graduates more than ever.

Oxford is singularly committed to its students, and we invest in highly effective, personal approaches to education. The benefits are obvious to anyone who knows Oxford and its alumni. Please consider becoming part of the Wise Heart Society with a leadership-level annual gift this year. Your generous support will help continue this longstanding tradition for many years to come.

Stephen H. Bowen

Stephen H. Bowen
Dean, Oxford College 

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