Emory School of Medicine

Leadership-level annual gifts help Emory School of Medicine prepare the next generation of caregivers, researchers, and teachers to meet the challenges of 21st-century health care. With ongoing support from influential donors like you, we continue to integrate academics and patient care.

Emory School of Medicine is developing the newest models of care to meet the needs of our patients. By building a culture around high-tech, high-touch learning, we train students to use ever-evolving technologies while emphasizing that medicine is a human endeavor. Modern health care demands the polarities of precision and flexibility, clinical objectivity and compassion, ingenuity and standardization, confidence and humility.

At the School of Medicine, we teach more than technical expertise. We also focus on the deeper obligations of being a healer and the character expected of a physician—especially an Emory physician.

We promise that the opportunities Wise Heart Society donors like you help create will be embraced in the fullest way possible, and we thank you on behalf of our students and their future patients. Your leadership-level gifts to Emory School of Medicine really do become gifts to humanity.

Interim Dean David S. Stephens, MD

  David S. Stephens, MD
  Interim Dean, Emory School of Medicine
  Vice President for Research, WHSC