Goizueta Business School

I am honored to return to Goizueta Business School as dean. I held one of my first faculty positions here, so I am excited to meet all the stakeholders charged with making Goizueta the school it is today. Thank you for welcoming me back to your community.

Through our small, intimate learning environment, students explore how to deal with complex issues and problems, make critical decisions, lead teams, and others. The results are obvious, as top global companies consistently recruit and hire our students.

A point of distinction is our welcoming, supportive, and inherently collaborative culture. Our professors teach contemporary business skills necessary for a lifetime of success. Our students leave prepared to be agents of change.

Thank you for contributing to our success. By investing in our students, faculty, and facilities, you help ensure our place as a top business school. The strong support of influential annual donors allows us to recruit bright students and retain top scholars.

Goizueta changes lives. I invite you to become part of the Wise Heart Society and play an active role in our legacy by making your leadership-level annual gift today.

Image of Erika James, Dean, Goizueta Business School

Erika James
Dean, Goizueta Business School